Deluxe DIY Sock Monkey Making Kits

Deluxe DIY Sock Monkey Making Kits

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"When Life Socks, Make Monkeys"

♡ Go bananas! Sew your own sew cute sock monkey without a sewing machine or glue!!  **All Prices are in USD**

This kit is designed for individuals that want everything included in their kit to make their own monkey at home but don't require clippers or pins, or care to have the stickers, and a shipping box with a carry handle - all provided in our Everything Bundle DIY Kit

Kit Includes:

1.    Pre-sewn and Cut Socks - for the monkey body and parts

2.    Needle - careful, it's sharp! 

3.    Regular Thread - for sewing parts together

4.    Embroidery Floss - for creating the face detailing and attaching the eyes

5.    Real Wooden Pair of Buttons - for the eyes

6.   Monkey Guts! i.e. Stuffing or Padding - you can use an old pillow or old stuffed animal for this 

7.    Birth Certificate - to keep track of the birth of your monkey

8.   Suitcase-Shaped Mailer Box - your monkey will be shipped in the cutest little box that you can re-use. It looks just like a little suitcase!

9.    Printed Instructions - so you can read and see how to make a sock monkey, and don't end up creating some other funny sock creature (I mean, you can do that too! I've seen some funny creatures made with our monkey kits!)

10. STICKERS! - You get your own Sew Cute Sock Monkey DIY Stickers to make your own monkey with the parts and accessories, including a COVID-19 mask

What you will Need:

  1. Scissors or Clippers - to cut thread
  2. Hands - it might be a bit difficult to sew just using your feet (or tail)
  3. Kindness and Patience - sock monkeys are unique, just like you, and deserve all the love even if they don't turn out "perfect". Some parts can be challenging so just have some patience and keep going. You are sew able to do this! :) If you need any help, you can always ask me!
  4. Pins (Optional) - for holding pieces in place

*We have other kits available that contain everything you need

The completed monkey depends on the style you choose from.

WARNING: Kit contains a sharp object (needle) and small pieces, such as buttons and is therefor recommended for children 8+

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