Derpy Wavy Easter Sock Bunny

Derpy Wavy Easter Sock Bunny

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This little bunny is a bit derpy and extra fun and cute. All bunnies are one-of-a-kind but this one is EXTRA! I like to make animals that are a little weirder than the other. I have always been the weird one so I like to make things that reflect my weirdness. That this bunny for me. 

This bunny has a wavy pattern on its sock body and for the eyes, I chose big green baby-safe eyes and set them a bit further apart than the other bunnies I have made. I chose a pink nose as they are sort of the classic easter bunny nose. The eyes and nose are clamped to keep them securely in place and safe for babies.

Stuffing is 100% Polyester 

I hope you love this little bunny as much as I do!

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